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Every system no matter how large or small, residential or commercial has one thing in common, and that is it is controlled by a thermostat. Long gone are the days of the round golden yoyo, and the new age of thermostats from Honeywell and Nest have functions and capabilities like never before. 

With so many choices, from the basic non programmable thermostats, to digital high definition touch screens with voice activated commands and Wi-Fi connectivity, that can be monitored from your smart phone, it easy to see how confusing and frustrating it can be. 

So let the experts at P&B help you to decide which thermostat is right for your budget and for your system. Choosing the right thermostat can help with the efficiency of your unit by as much as 60% if used properly.
We are a certified Nest pro contractor as well as Honeywell installation experts. 

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