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Get rid of germs, mold, viruses, and various chemical toxins by installing our air purifiers. Allow the professionals at P & B Heating & Air Conditioning Corp to provide you with premium indoor air quality systems. Let us make your indoor air fresher and more comfortable all year around.

3 Main Principles of Indoor Air Quality


Air filtration is one of the most important steps of maintaining indoor air quality. A 1-inch filter can easily remove about 80% of dust and dirt, but cannot remove pollen and allergens. Pleated air filters can remove dirt from the air, but the thickness of these filters can restrict the airflow and hamper the functioning of your system. 

We recommend you to use the lifetime electrostatic filters. These filters are washable and come in various sizes. These filters can be easily installed into your existing filter rack or filter grill. You'll never have to buy another filter again.


In the outdoors, UV rays kill viruses and bacteria naturally. These contaminants remain alive indoors and cause various health issues. Ultraviolet air purifiers can effectively remove these contaminants. Call us for prompt ultraviolet purifier installation services. Our staff can quickly install these purifiers in the duct systems. 

We can install a standalone unit or design a custom duct system for your residential or commercial property. We're a Sanuvox factory authorized air purification specialist. Let us install your Sanuvox air purifier with complete precision. To learn more about Sanuvox products, check out

An optimum humidity level is essential to maintain the temperature of your home or business. The indoor humidity level should range between 30% and 50%. You can choose from various kinds of humidifiers such as steam, constant flow, and bypass.

We install self-contained and in-duct humidifiers from Aprilaire. All our humidifier units come with a digital humidistat to accurately detect and deliver the appropriate amount of humidity in your home or office. It also prevents over-humidifying of your indoor air. 

Check Out Our 2 Models of Aprilaire Humidifiers

The Aprilaire Model 800 Humidifier is a steam humidifier designed for your home. It has the following features:
  • It can be accommodated in crawl spaces, attics, and areas with mild winters and non-forced air heating. 
  • It provides humidity to the largest of homes (up to 6,200 square feet).
  • It has an automatic control system, but can be installed in manual mode as well.
Aprilaire Model 400 Humidifier maintains the humidity of your indoor space with minimal water usage. It's a drainless humidifier based on evaporative technology to minimize water use. Call us today for more information about our humidifiers. 

Visit to choose the right humidifier for your home or business.

Aprilaire Model 400 Humidifier

Aprilaire Model 800 Humidifier

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